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Item # 8 Spiritual Emergency Kit DONATION PACKAGE


We are out of blessed matches for these packages! Sorry 

WalkingWord has put together a package

with most of the recommended items

listed in Spirit Daily.

We will have all the items blessed and packaged in a large Ziploc bag. We are asking for a donation for these items. Proceeds will be used to continue to offer these items at a free or reduced price for those who have difficulty acquiring these sacramental's for their homes.

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Spirit Daily Recommended list and WalkingWord Spiritual Emergency KIT

Spirit Daily - Daily spiritual news from around the world Article dated 4-20-09

"While two friends were praying and discerning, it became clear that they were to invite others to join them in preparing a '

Spiritual Emergency Kit' for times of illness, storms, etcetera – similar to a first-aid kit," writes yet one more, again from Missouri.

"In most times of an emergency, we’re unprepared and sometimes, we even forget to pray. So, to be 'ready,' the following is a

list of items that can be placed in a large Ziploc bag for use in our homes and cars.


A priest has reviewed the following:


Recommended list SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY KIT: WalkingWord Spiritual Emergency Kit Includes:

Suggested donation

$35.00 plus s&h

Save when we combine kits in one shipping box!

Rosaries with pamphlets on the Mysteries

Divine Mercy prayer cards with image and prayers

A small Crucifix

Holy water

Blessed salt

Blessed oil

Scapulars with explanation leaflet

St. Benedict medals or St. Benedict Crucifixes

Miraculous Medals with explanation leaflet

A small New Testament with Psalms or your preference

(have the Bible in a prominent place in your home,

along with other blessed religious images, Crucifixes and statues)

Prayer book(s), Pieta book or prayer cards, Consecration Prayers

Wallet-size plastic magnifier for small print (optional)

Blessed palms or “palm crosses”

Blessed beeswax candles and matches

Small pictures or holy cards of Jesus, Mary,

St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel and other saints

A small statue of Jesus

A list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people with

whom to share pertinent information in an emergency.

All sacramental's must be blessed by a priest.


Some of the items are pictured here. Pictures may slightly vary from actual items shipped. All items listed will be included.




We have been happy to gather these items on the recommended list and have them blessed

as our gift for you. Please order for your home, car, family and friends.


If you are able help others purchase these items

please click the "Donate" button and indicate your donation.

We will always try to fulfill all orders regardless of one's ability to pay when possible.




Sharing our love of these Sacramentals and their value with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


  THESE are the items included in our package:

  • Blessed St. Benedict Rosary with Crucifix. Several "How to pray the rosary" cards.
  • Blessed Divine Mercy Prayer Card with image and prayers
  • Holy water from Lourdes, Fatima, John Paul II Vatican, Medjugorje and our local parish
  • Approximately 1/2# of blessed salt with prayer
  • 1 oz container of blessed pure olive oil infused with rosemary
  • Blessed Scapular with explanation leaflet or booklet
  • 3 blessed St. Benedict Medals
  • Blessed Miraculous Medal with explanation page and prayer card
  • Blessed  New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs TNIV
  • Prayer book "Devotion to the Divine Mercy Booklet"
  • Small wrapped piece of blessed palm
  • 4 100% blessed beeswax candles and a few blessed wooden matches
  • Blessed St. Benedict and St. Michael prayer cards with blessed St. Michael medal
  • Several additional prayer cards, prayer leaflets and book marks.
  • Wrapped up in a large Ziplok bag

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