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Item #14 Prayer Package ONE


 Suggested donation $10

  • 1/2" Blessed 100% beeswax candle


We use them for special occasions and during family prayers. The blessed light that emanates will warm and bless your home. It has been recommended that we light them during bad weather and the many visionaries have said that during the times of chastisement nothing will put them out in the houses of the believers. Be sure to keep a supply of blessed wax candles in your homes.


  • Holy Water


To be sprinkled freely around the house, especially at doors and windows. Bless yourself and others with it. This particular water has holy water from The Vatican (JPll), Lourdes, our local and Medjugorje in it.


  • Rosary


Focus meditation on its mysteries, 'You must think more of the Passion of Christ.'


  • Rosary Prayer Card and Divine Mercy Card-


Both cards remind us of the Sacred Mysteries and Mercy of Jesus at the 3 o’cloc hour.

St. Benedict Medal- This medal offer many graces to those who believe and wear it.


  • Blessed Salt



All items are blessed as a gift to you. Our mission is to offer

these items to every home we can. We respectfully request

the suggested donation of $6.00 plus handling and shipping this package.

All monies go back into more readiness items to be distributed.

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